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Promotional Lollipops

Promotional lollipops can present your design in a fantastic fun way, enjoyed by all ages! Promotional Lollipops one of the most sort after give aways at any exhibition, conference or promotional event as well as being sold on shelves of shops.

Ball Promotional Lollipop

  • Ahh, brings back memories…
  • Full Colour printed wrapper
  • approx 26mm diameter

Flat Logo Lollipops

  • Logo front & back of lollipop
  • Round or heart shape
  • Full Colour print
  • Many colours and flavours available

Mini Promotional Lollipop

  • Great little give away
  • Full Colour printed label
  • 3cm diameter
  • 10cm with stick

Logo / Picture Promotional Lollipops

  • Funky and Fun whilst still delivering you message.
  • Full colour edible label placed on the lollipop
  • 6cm diameter
  • 23cm (approx) with stick

Swirly Lollipops with Sticker

  • Big and Bold
  • Full Colour printed label
  • 10cm diameter
  • Many colour and flavour options available

Custom Promotional Lollipops

  • Great for large volume ongoing requirements
  • Cast moulded lollipop
  • 9cm diameter
  • Many colours and flavours available

Dextrose Lollipop

  • Full of colours
  • Full Colour printed wrapper
  • Choice of fruity flavours
  • 60mm by 60mm with wrapper

Designer Lollipops

  • Custom Design Lollipops
  • Design raised out of lollipop and coloured
  • Posh lollipops
  • Many colours and flavours available

Promotional Lollipops are available in a number of colours and flavours, shapes and sizes. They range from small ones and large ones which are often given away at events or sold in shops.

The great thing about promotional lollipops is that there are options to suit everyone’s pocket.  Small or large we can give the option that will deliver your message.

Please Contact Us for a quote if you don’t see what you require.

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Product Enquiry