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Promotional Mints & Sweets

Eco packaging is here

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flow pack promotional sweets.. Full colour compostable wrapper
Full Colour Promotional rock sweets with compstable wrapper
Rock Sweets
Promotional tins of Mints

We’re happy to announce that we now supply our traditional Promotional Rock Sweets in plastic-free wrappings. We’ve always been keen to supply materials that are biodegradable or compostable. The boxes, bags the sweets are packed in and the sweet wrappers are now plastic-free!

You design it, we create it

Crafting Delectable Promotions with The Rock People

Create Sweet Memories: Elevate your promotional game with our exquisite range of confectionery. At The Rock People, we specialise in crafting a variety of promotional sweets, mints, branded sticks of rock, lollipops, and individually wrapped treats for all occasions. These delectable delights find their place at promotional events, serve as charming reception gifts for visitors, or add a touch of novelty to goodie bags.

Unleash Your Brand: Not only can we elegantly etch your company’s name or desired slogan onto our confectionery, but we also seamlessly infuse your corporate identity into the sweet experience. From colours to logos, we expertly integrate your branding elements, ensuring a truly tailored treat.

Effortless Ordering: Ordering your specialised branded rock, lollipops, and promotional sweets is a breeze. Connect with us through our convenient contact form or drop us an email. Share your wording, preferred colours, flavors, and any accompanying images or designs. Our skilled team will swiftly conjure mock-ups for your approval.

Custom Delights: Promotional sticks of rock not only bear your company’s name or slogan throughout but also include a dedicated label within the packaging. This label becomes a canvas for your images, company details, and contact information. Share your desired artwork along with your order, and we’ll seamlessly incorporate it.

Luscious Lollipops: Our diverse lollipop collection offers various options, including a printed wrapper, an edible paper label featuring your logo or image, and artistically embossed custom lollipops bearing your unique design, logo, or wording.

Seize the Moment: With custom creations, timing is key. Secure your order promptly to allow us to fashion mock-ups tailored to your vision. This ensures that the final product aligns flawlessly with your specifications.

For an irresistible blend of creativity and confectionery, reach out to The Rock People today. Your promotional journey just got sweeter.

Contact us now via our contact form or email to embark on a tantalizing brand experience.

We provide  a variety of flavours for you to choose from:

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Product Enquiry